Why is romance different for men and women?

Does it die after marriage or does it die after you say the magical words?

What is romance to you? Is it love or word of physical attachment? or both?

Love and romance are different words for men and women, I realized this very late into my relationship. They are worlds apart different.

For women, it is the smallest things, the little gestures and cute things that men do for us. But what is it for men? I recently saw an Indian movie that was trying to explain this concept to us, they kind of did try to get the point across to us. But do you think men really do understand the concept of romance from a women’s point of view?

And why is it only men to understand what a woman needs? Do you all think women will be understand a men's point of view for romance?

Sex is an ultimatum for both gender but does all happy marriage and love life need good sex and life is sorted? No, to start a relationship love is needed, but to keep the same momentum going romance is needed. Romance doesn’t have to be buying million-dollar gifts or luxury vacations. It can even be just the smallest things you do in your daily life, make a cup of coffee every morning for your wife or surprise your boyfriend with a game that he has been looking forward to buying for months.

But my article is going to be incomplete from a boy’s point of view, So I asked all my guy friends even went out of my asked my one ex-boyfriend. Most of them were clueless or some told they just felt sex is romance, which is not. So it is not just women, even men are unaware of the difference between love, sex, and romance.

Photo credit : Anastasia Shuraeva from pexels

Modern movies, novels, and stories have been narrated to us in such a bad way that it has become so difficult for us to understand the difference between all these three. So how do we untangle these three? Actually, we don't need to. There is no right or wrong view in understanding a person.

Any kind of relationship is only in need of understanding, to know what the other person needs. Sometimes it's love, sometimes sex, and sometimes just pure romance.

So what is romance?

Accroding to me, Romance is the little or big things we do for each other, the things that makes each other happy, it is a way to say the Word “I love you” in action not just in words. I know there will come a time all this will fade away but all this will come back only when you try to make a constant effort and willingness to be the person you love. Love is simple language, all the people int he world are just trying to complicate it. Yes every relationship will lose it spark at one point, but the main question here is, Do you want re-ignite that spark or let it just fade way. If you think trying to find that outside of the relation this happiness is ging toarrive, you are wrong. It just simple, You either love a person or never loved them ever.



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Ankita Kumar

Ankita Kumar


Former Fashion Designer, part-time Chef, and an amateur writer, who loves to explore every topic and trying to read as many books, before I die.