Why is “Friends” the TV series unbeatable?

I was one of those people who thought that the series “Friends” was overrated. I’m a fan of the Big bang theory, 90210, and golden girls. One of the main reasons I was never able to watch ‘Friends’ was that I didn’t know which channel or what time. Plus some of the American shows were banned in India back then.

So, why was this show the greatest and still people of my generation have never found shows to compare friends with? When I watch a show I have three main factors I personally look into, which are connection, script, and character.

  1. Connection: What is does connection means? I would say that connection is something that everyone is looking for. It can be in books or series. People love when common things happen. Like how we have high school crushes who we can never have the nerve to talk to or the one person we can never stop talking to no matter how bad of a fight we have. These are real things that people in life go through every day. And when we see that kind of connection in a show we are happy to see that everyone in the world has the same issues or the same happiness and they deal with it the same way we as commoners do. The real true connection that connected with not just one but most of the generations.
  2. Script: The Script is what makes the story. And the story here was very simple. It was a bunch of friends who are of the same age, have problems, have happy moments, and all they are doing to live life one day after the other. Even though few of the episodes had drama in them. We didn't feel it was ‘too much’ or ‘out of the script’ kind of the story. In fact, we connected more to that drama because we as normal human beings have felt that pain or happiness.
  3. Characters: Everyone we meet in life has a kind of character. We may or may not like some of them. But there will be some people we come across is the life we connect to their character very soon. It is because we used to be or we are like that currently. And every character in the show. It can be Ross or Rachel who is two different people. Or Chandler and Monica who never believed in soulmates. Or Phoebe and Joey who lived life on their own terms. We connect to them. The situations, the problems, the smallest achievements, the serious talks, and goofing around are the kind of things we have seen happening to us. In conclusion, we see ourselves in these characters.

I have watched many other Korean, English, Turkish, and French shows. Like every show connects to a certain period. But friends will be one kind of a show that has and will connect to every audience of every generation. By saying this I don’t say that other sit-coms are not worth watching. Like I told you earlier, every show has its own essence of connection, script, and character that connects.



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Ankita Kumar

Ankita Kumar


Former Fashion Designer, part-time Chef, and an amateur writer, who loves to explore every topic and trying to read as many books, before I die.