Why I became a (BTS)AMRY in my 30's.

I was not new to the K-pop culture. I have a sister who is nine years younger than me and she has been a BTS fan since the day they did their debut. Why did their music appeal to me in my thirties?

Pic Courtesy: Twitter

Even though I have been hearing their song and albums from time to time. The music from “Black swan” hit me in a different way. Even though it was too late for me to join the club I did not hesitate to be one of the ARMY. When my best friend heard me talking about their music out of the blue. She questioned me “Why are so hooked on to them all of the sudden?” At that minute I did not have an answer. But today I do. And this answer is not a simple one.

Right after I heard the song “Black swan” I saw their stage performance and then the music video. They blew my mind with the dance, set, and their dressing in both the video. Like Men dancing in pants and suits, all my life I have just heard complaints about how much guys hate wearing a suit for a longer period. But they are “Dancing” with a suit on. No, this was not my breaking point.

I don’t know if it's me or everyone, but when I like someone or something I try to know more about them. I saw so many videos and my Instagram algorithm was so good it suggested me nothing but what I need to see. I even saw their movies which, apparently my sister had watched in a theater.

These boys are amazing. And why do I say that, it’s because of their stories? Each artist has a different success story. Their story blew my mind away, this is to all the people who don’t know them personally. RM the Leader was the only guy in the team who knew English, Suga was an underground rapper. Jin was a studious guy when he was approached by two major companies to become an idol, he turned down both thinking that was a scam. J-hope’s main skill was dance, for which he had multiple awards. Jimin was also someone who was still training at an Art school prior to joining the group. V was once rejected by a girl just because he was from a farmer family. Last but not least Junkook was just 15 years old when he auditioned for the idol and was approached by 7 other big companies to join them as an idol. But he chooses Bighit, a small company that started in a garage. Bang PD the CEO of the company was himself was an ex-idol. Their main goal was “not to go bankrupt” when they started.

You can tell me, this is the story of every company, what makes them different? This is not an “American Story” back then people in Asians did not appreciate the talent. They were not as welcoming as other music industries. Adding on if you did not come from the Top 4 music companies in Korea, it was very hard for people to recognize you. After they were launched, they did not have smooth sailing, they were criticized for their music, looks, dress, make-up, being called girls in the national radio station. But they were above all of this. They took each hate comment, each name-calling, and backlash to a positive note. They even got to a stage that they wanted to disband.

They worked so hard, lived together in a small doom, cooked, cleaned, worked, and composing music. Keep in mind it is, not like other music industries, they had to write their own song, compose the music and they would get help in editing. When the other bands had thousands of fandom, they started with hundreds. With all the hardship they finally got their first award in 2013 and did their first live performance in the same year. My hitting point was that “They gave all the credit to their fans”. Yes, it is just a simple credit but they did dedicate all their awards to date to ARMY.

They are not the first band who came from nothing, what makes them special is that they respect their Fans. I have seen artists who are just like them but the attitude they carry around after seeing fame and money is so different. Without your fan, you are nothing, you are no one, and if you cannot respect another human who loved you when you had nothing. That means your fame does not make any sense to me. Like Tom hardy’s quote “I was raised to treat the janitor with the same respect as a CEOthese boys are the living examples of this. How many times have you seen an artist help the staff clean the mess they have made on the stage during their performance? How many time have been got shouted from the manager for no reason and not fired them? How many time have respected and changed the lyrics when you performed in a different culture? How many times have you kept the gifts that your fan gave, even though it was something simple?

Now I know why I like them, it’s their humble and polite behavior and they are the same name 7 boys who have changed nothing about themself even with billions in the bank.

P.s: I know not everyone does not have the same taste in music. For a person who doesn’t know one bit of Korean and trying to learn the meaning of their songs, that was a different journey altogether. Like my boys say “Spread love and love yourself” it is not hard.

Pic courtesy: Twitter (From the recent album Butter)



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Ankita Kumar


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