Which came first Potatoes or Human?

I vote potatoes.!

I have been a potato. I mean a potato lover all my life. And the first dish I ever made had potatoes in it. But unfortunately, potato is not even on the “Top ten veggies” in the google search list.

Potato is a binder. A binder that gives food both crispiness and texture to the food. Why is Solanum tuberosum the most commonly used vegetable in most dishes?

Potato is one such veggie that can be both vegan and non-vegan. In my culture, we use potato as a side dish (sabzi) to serve at weddings. Most Indian weddings just serve vegan food during the ceremony. We also have another ceremony a few days after the wedding just to serve non-vegetarian food. And on that occasion, we make all types of meat dishes (except for beef and pork) where these dishes contain potatoes added in them as well, just to bring out the flavor of the meat.

If I could ever teach someone how to cook for the first time I would start with potatoes. And here why?

  1. You could never go wrong with a potato: You can cook spud in a lot of different ways. And you could never go wrong with them. Boiled it more than is required. It becomes a mashed potato. Roasted more than the intrusted temp, it becomes more crispy.
  2. Can be molded into any form: I have grated, cut, sliced, peeled, and used it in its very own form to make more than 5 dishes.
  3. It has a sister called “sweet potato”: Most of the Asian countries are famous for their street food. And one such example is how my favorite country, Korea makes these sweet potatoes on a street cart. Just when the winter starts these street cart vendors bake the sweet potato and serve them hot and toasty to people.
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4. If Matt Damon could grow them on mars it could grow anywhere: In the movie “MARTIAN” Mark Watney (Matt Damon) is presumed dead and left behind. And during his days of survival, the plant he decides to grow is “POTATO”. And according to the fandom of the movie “The reason he had access to potatoes in space was that the Ares III crew would have been on Mars during Thanksgiving and NASA psychologists thought it would be good for them if they could have food other than the freeze-dried space food, so NASA sent them to space with some potatoes which thankfully had buds/eyes and were good seed potatoes and so Watney was able to be planted to grow more.”

Now that I have spoken so much about Potatoes. You might be interested in making some of the dishes made in different parts of the country. And below are the 25 dishes that you could try at home. Some of them have meat in them, but you can always substitute it with other veggies. Out of these 25 dishes, I have tested and tried at least 20 of them.


Also, if you are the modern type of chef who cooks for the aesthetics and grams. I have 5 Tasty dishes. Tasty is also one of the channels I follow on youtube. Which has uses very minimal products and makes amazing dishes.



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