What would the world be without Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok?

If you are a 90’s kid who cannot for the life of god understand the “Personal Hype” for social media, Please join the club.

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I’m born in 1992, growing up in my era, getting Tv for an hour to catch my favorite cartoon show for an hour was the biggest achievement I could possibly do that day. Times have every kid in the house has a phone and everyone has access to the internet.

And I’m still that 90’s kid wondering how did “Social Media” become a real job?

A real job for people coming from my era is working as a doctor, or an engineer, or worst a plumber or an electrician. But now that has magically been replaced with “social media”. I have seen people struggle to explain to their own parents the kind of job they do. Even the smuggling and drug dealing job description is much less complicated to explain when compared to social media handlers or social media analysts.

But here we are in the era where taking pictures or making a video and selling out our privacy is a job. Anything found by mankind for making a life easy always has its pros and cons. And so does working in and for social media.

Years back when I wanted to quit social media for a few months, I went through a series of books, met people who have quit social media for their own good, and also I have met people who just worked for social media as a job and made it look more fun than it could actually be.

So what made me think about, what could be the real face of social media? the ugly fake side or the actual fun side?

The truth is both. The ugly side for people who overused it misused it in terms of life and socializing. And fun side for the people who knew the limit of technology and knew how exactly to cut the social media when it was getting over its limits.

But the ultimate question is can this be a real job? And the answer to it is, yes, it can be a real job. Modern-day technology has improved the use of social media so much that anything best can now only be done through social media, the biggest advantage of this is the “audience” reaching the target audience and the target market is one most important business needs. When you get on the roots of the marketing. Email, the survey is the basic kind of marketing strategy that people have used for years, but not everyone these days has the time to go through heaps of email and sit for a survey. Hence social media.

Did you know that Instagram's main page “pull-down” or what it is called refresh home is inspired by the casino's coin machine strategy? Do you also know what's the common thing between a casino and social media platforms? The infinite number of dopamine that is been pushed to our brain. The problem is not the creation. It is that we don’t know how to limit ourselves from all the dopamine that’s been pumped into us.

When I spoke to all the people who quit social media. The common answer I got from them was “Too-much negative energy”. So what does this “Too-much negative energy” mean? So Initially when people started putting photo’s on their social media platform app’s it was just for fun or to connect with a few friends. But the minute this became the competition of likes and dislikes, who has the best photo, who is the most famous, and who got how many likes on these platforms was when all the negative energy started flowing. We are not celebrities we are common people who can do only a few things in terms of make-up or dress up, but due to social media people started becoming the people who they were not. Investment on things which were of no use, and mainly all this for a few likes?

On one end the were small business like nail art and selling handmade paintings used the same social media to build the audience. On the other end, people using personal social media wanted to become celebrities overnight. No success is overnight, and even if you get an overnight success, the same standing for a long time will not be the same.

I’m not sure how many people here have seen the Netflix series “Emily in Paris” this series is the perfect example for a social media job. The plot is also a perfect example of how as an old-timer it has been not easy to digest the social media job. I know I should have been one of those Parisian in my previous life. But after I have done my research on my pros and cons for social media, one thing I have got to know it's you who control it. So if you feel it's giving a negative impact on you, leave it, if you feel it's a fun platform to make people or teach people something do it. Or just doing it for fun do it. as long as it doesn’t eat you have all the fun you deserve.



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Ankita Kumar

Ankita Kumar


Former Fashion Designer, part-time Chef, and an amateur writer, who loves to explore every topic and trying to read as many books, before I die.