The Life of a lazy ass

I have always been fascinated by real-life stories, stories that have given me shivers and made me think twice the next time I decided to do something real in life.

The world always has two types of people the smart once and the innocent once who are conned and fooled by the smart once. Just like these women the current guy I’m dating I met him on a dating application. Should this story scare me? Of course, it does.!

When a love story or thriller story is been told in movies that half of it could be real and the rest will be just the imagination of the story writer. The audience knows the end of this kind of story. After the movie is done we might have talked about it once or twice but later we forget it.

This is not the case here, these three women have been conned by a man, who is still guilt-free and trying to con more women. The story of these women is very simple, yet so complicated. Cecilie Fjellhoy, Pernilla Sjoholm, and Ayleen Charlotte are three women who got scammed by this con man called Shimon Heyada Hayut aka Simon Leviev who fooled all these three women for money by lying to them he was a son of a billionaire diamond merchant.

So you could ask me, why on earth are you trying to write a review on such straight forward story?

The real reason is “sometimes when something is too good to be true, one should think twice before even going for it”

Cecilie Fjellhøy is a 33-year-old Norwegian woman who was technically the first woman conned for a large sum amount by Simon.

Cecilie was right “Finding prince charming on tinder is a lot of work”. Finding someone with good looks, well mannered, and also well settled is such a hard job. My question is how did you trust this man you met a month back? I might sound like an asshole but is it that easy to gain someone’s trust? Yes, you all might think I was born with a trust issue.

And when she sent him money the second and the third time but still was not getting anything in return, why did she not stop sending him money?

Pernilla Sjoholm is a 35-year-old Swedish woman, who Simon used as his second pawn. So was it just the word “love” that can be used to fool people? No.! Simon was so smart that he could use any person who came to his life as a pawn for money.

In Pernilla’s case, she and Simon were just friends. And even in her case, he uses the same articles and the same old story he planted with Cecilie. So what is more important buying a house or sending money to a friend who you met a few days or months back? If you ask me, I would be selfish enough to say House. But Pernilla was a very generous woman, who very smartly gave all her savings to a con man because he wanted to run away to another country.

Simon was not just an ordinary criminal he was smart and knew human weakness. He made Cecilie borrow $250,000 from more than three or four banks and with Pernilla, he had borrowed $40,000 and also made her book a million other flights so that he could fly from one country to another. And when both women forced him for the money, he very generously gave them more money than he borrowed along with fake checks and fake promises of money getting to their back.

So just because had an issue and delay in all the payment he was supposed to do, would you accept the extra money from him? Where is the moral and value of not being greedy or needing the money that doesn't belong to you?

As a woman sharing her private thoughts and private moments with any stranger is like the death penalty. But Cecilie was brave enough and approached Norway's biggest newspaper media VG. And this is when they reveal all the layers of Simon. That's when the third girl came to the light.

Ayleen Charlotte too lost $140,000, but she was the smart one. And also his long-time girlfriend. Ayleen is a luxury band consultant who sold Simon. The shit he deserved was served by this woman. She sold all his luxury clothing on eBay and other sites for as much as money she could get. From the fake billionaire to the reality from where he came from nothing. From all the money he grabbed and grabbed from all these poor women, taking advantage of their innocence.

But in the end what is the use of him getting caught? Did he get charged for fooling these people? Is he still in jail? Does he have any guilt for all the fraud and heartbreak he has given to these women? The answer to all of this is NO. He has not been charged with any fraud, as these women with free will had decided to give him the money and all the credit card. He is still a free man who has no shit to give to this world and may be plotting a new way to fool people.

“We are looking for the Dimond in the rough”

Before I finish I had a few thoughts.

He didn’t choose them, they choose him. So who is to blame? Should we blame him for taking these woman’s advantage? or should we blame these women for trusting him?

Are you allowed to trust everything that google says? who certified that everything on google is legit?

Modern-day thieves dress well, speak, and are very good at forcing you to trust them.

When something new comes to this world it comes with good and bad. So what do we use the good part of us or the evil ugly side of us? These women are innocent and very easily trusting. They have nothing to be blamed for but their innocence. Everything happens for a reason, and the reason is to show the rest of the world don't trust anyone so much so blindly that you end up paying for their shit. Love is not everything in the world.



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Ankita Kumar

Ankita Kumar


Former Fashion Designer, part-time Chef, and an amateur writer, who loves to explore every topic and trying to read as many books, before I die.