Is it a shame if you sleep with fewer men or women?

The new-age love story

Has the world changed? Yes, in many ways, “change is inevitable”. Are these also applicable to the love and sex life of a human? Years ago child marriage was a thing but that is a crime now, having multiple partners was considered a sin. Now that’s a trend.

Months ago when I started using a dating app. One of the guys that I went on a date with asked me “ What is your body Count?” That minute I didn't understand the meaning of body count. So like every other human I googled it. The answer was not something I was expecting. It meant “How many guys have I slept with?”

And that kept bothering me.

Why is it important to sleep with more than one person in your life? Does everyone think this is how we meet our soul mates or the “one” of our life, by sleeping with multiple people?

I’m not saying it is crime, but why is being in love with one guy become old-fashioned? Why is sex so much more important than compatibility? Why do the people of this generation hate having serious relationships?

My grandparents were 15 and 25 when they got married. In India, it was very common to get married at a very early age. Even though my grandparents didn’t have a love marriage they always adored each other. They helped each other, they built a house together and raised 4 kids, got them educated, and married. Took care of grandkids and also saw their grandkids have kids. They used to have fights and a lot of differences in their thoughts but this did not allow a third person to enter their relationship.

Now people are so different. Yes, sex is so very important, because movies, series, and magazines have told the current generation that if things don't work a little it is easy to move to a new person rather than fixing the actual issue. Plus having multiple partners has become a status symbol. But why? what is that you are getting from that person you cannot get from the current person you are with?

We live in a world where we ask people to stop body shaming. Meanwhile also advertise shapewear. We ask people to stop smoking just on the cigarettes packets they buy. The problem is not the people’s thinking. It is who is controlling our thinking. We are rising to a world where Instagram likes are more important than having some to complement you in real.

Getting back to the point “Is it important to have a body count?” No, it is not. I have enjoyed sex with one man before I went rogue. Those were the best days of my life. I was stupid and dumb about a few things, but I learned a lot of things from him and for him. I’m sure everyone in this world is born with a skill and trade. Are you the master of those trades?

I had a teacher in my school who always told me that, every day is a new day to learn something, the day you think you have mastered is when you stop learning. So we all have worked on jobs or working on jobs where we learn something new every day, why not apply the same in marriage, sex and love?

Yes, there are days when you get bored of working. But that is the exact day when you need to give yourself that break.



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Ankita Kumar

Ankita Kumar


Former Fashion Designer, part-time Chef, and an amateur writer, who loves to explore every topic and trying to read as many books, before I die.