Have all the gentleman from the earth disappeared?

Quest of finding the treasure.

Where all the men…..

The ones who treat her to a good dinner?
The ones that respect her bounders.
The ones who talk to her about how he feels.
The ones who ask her likes and dislikes.
The ones who love to have that deep conversation.
The one who encouraged us to do things we love to do.
The ones who want to build a family with us.
The ones who respect our families.
The ones who teach our kids that it is okay for a man to cry
It is okay for him to share his feelings with people.
The ones who know what they want.
The ones who will not lead us on and leave us in the middle of the water.
The ones who consider even a two-minute phone call could make a major difference.
The ones who made dinner when you had a long day.
The ones who listened to all your lame issues and sat by to solve them.
The ones who sang songs in the middle of the night.
The ones who gave us a little surprise.
The ones who didn’t think twice when he had to introduce us to his family and friends.
The ones who drove for us miles, just to see a smile on our face.
The ones who held our hand when getting out of the car.
The ones who weren’t insecure.
The ones who whispered “ I love you” in a crowded place.
The ones who didn’t hesitate to spend the Saturday and Sunday nights with us.
The ones who sat with us in complete silence but our thoughts talking to each other.
The ones who read our eyes and instantly knew something was wrong.
The ones who fought for us.
The ones who wanted to elope with us.
The ones who kissed us every morning and before we sleep.
The ones who made us smile just by the thoughts.
The ones who said to the world “yes, she the one. The only one”
The ones who teased us and tickled us.
The ones who gave us a reason to not let go of them even when the world was against us.
The ones who took millions of pictures just for memories.

The ones who said this is forever.
The ones who showed how growing old looks like.

Yes, they have all disappeared and now we are left with Tom dick and Harry. All the three are different. Yet their brain just says just one thing.

Sex is the only thing that matters to us. So doesn’t matter you lead or get her to love you or even better leave her confused for life. Unless we get what we want.
And I bet a million bucks every guy who reads this will get rage in the start but you will agree to it. Because no man in this world at least the current generation it’s hard to find a guy with at least 5 of these qualities.



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Ankita Kumar

Ankita Kumar


Former Fashion Designer, part-time Chef, and an amateur writer, who loves to explore every topic and trying to read as many books, before I die.