Food Vs Men

Story of two boys.!

I have not dated too many men in my life. Yes, I was that one true love-shit kind of a person. Thankfully few of my friends were not and this story which I’m going to tell is a real experience.

I have a friend Nicole, who is a Canadian- Indian in her late 20. She dates these two men for quite some time, not together obviously. She met both of them through the dating app. One of them was a chef and another one was an IT consultant, lived in GTA, and have all amenities to live a good life.

Jason was the first guy she dated and he was the chef. He went to culinary school, had a job in a nice little sports resto-bar. After her first date with him in the same resto. They had their second date he took her to his place and cooked her a fantastic meal, that she appreciates till today. Later as the number of dates increased the cooking decreased. Take-out became more common. Then came a day she realized that she has been eating every food from the resto menu, she was done with him. And boldly went on to ask him why he was making no effort of cooking for anymore. He simply said, “ I cook at work baby, please don’t expect me to cook at home too.” It was not like she didn’t cook for him when he got home.

The second guy was 2 years after him, his name was Chang a 35-year-old Chinese-Canadain guy. Lived downtown, had a 9–5 job which paid him really well. As usual, she met him through the app. The guy seemed to be interesting, they went out on a couple of other days and one fine day came when she was invited to crash at his place for the weekend. That evening they ordered a take out and the next day morning, like every other person. Oops, let me correct like every other normal woman she asked for milk in her coffee. For this, he replied, “Babe by now you should know I just drink black coffee”. “Of course,” she said to herself, and when it was lunchtime she open his empty fridge which had nothing but some rotten eggs and a cube of cheese. Immidetly she had her life flashed to her, and something told her to run and never turn back to this guy or any guy who had an “EMPTY FUCKING FRIDGE”.

What is with these men? You earn well, you are educated, you can walk, and are not disabled. Why don’t you bloody think of putting some groceries in your fridge? How the hell are you’ll survive? If you don’t have anything for the fridge then why do you own one?

And this is was not just her, I have experienced this with my current slam piece, which has nothing but bottles of water filled in the fridge even in the Canadian cold weather. What is matter with all these grown-ass men? Why is it so difficult for them to eat at home?

So I decided to do some digging on this and went around asking all my guy friends from India and Canada. The answers shocked me. Let me tell you a few common ones:

  1. I’m way too lazy, plus any food can be uber’ed: Wow.! Guys did you know that uber also delivered groceries?
  2. Isn’t this all supposed to be done by a lady? besides my mom did all this work at home: Really? Your mother must be really proud of you.!
  3. I live on black coffee and one meal from any resto: OH My Freaking God.! how are you still alive?

If someone ever knocks hungry on my door. My fridge will have so much food to feed that man. My question to all these Men is why they don’t feel like cooking or buying groceries? They wouldn't mind 4 hours shopping for a car spare part or a soccer jersey.

So listen up boys, if you ever want a girl to stick around with you, learn to feed her. Not just in fancy restaurants but also by cooking at home and buying basic stuff like milk and coffee. Any girl is hot and sexy or dull and boring she loves food. If you don’t feed her, she gets grumpy and moody, and angry. In the end, move the guy who loves to feed her food. I’m sure out of the 100 men we date we’ll find one or two who loves to stock the fridge and cook for us.



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Ankita Kumar

Ankita Kumar


Former Fashion Designer, part-time Chef, and an amateur writer, who loves to explore every topic and trying to read as many books, before I die.