Emily could only go to Paris, not Canada??

My story of how and why I moved from the land of spices to the land of Maple.

It was April 2019 that I quit my job after working for almost 5.5 years with no break right after college. I was a complete burnout. In the last 5 years, I worked with start-ups and major corporations, and all I learned in those 5 days was that value for humans has gone down.

To add to this I had one failed love life and the marriage that I was least interested in. Mentally my brain needed a break, a break that really could make me look at a new perspective of life.

It was on September the 2nd I decided to take a vacation all by myself, right after I filed my divorce papers. The only destination that I could think of was Leh-Ladhak, the place where cell receptions or emails are not the words that will be heard. The whole plan was to take a flight to Delhi and from Delhi drive or ride up. That somehow didn’t happen, I took a fight to connect from Delhi to Leh.

I had my stay and the rest of the plan for the ride sorted out by a tourist company. Those 20 days made me change how I think of life. I don’t know if it was the ride or the amazing city or the adventures trip. I know what I needed out of my life. And that was to move. To move to a place that people didn't know me, the new slate that I needed to start over with.

And easy as that thought came to me to move, it was not an easy move. When I got back to Bangalore, all I did was to research which country would be the best for me and why should I think of moving my entire life there and will it fit my future or will my future life be happier if I move to that country. At times all I could hear was how people loved moving to Canada.

After 2 months of thorough research, I applied for my Permanent residency, and this so happened at the exact time that covid-19 hit the world. It was April 2020 the world has declared the lockdown. Forget moving, even getting out of the house was not something that could happen for a long time. To add to that Canada PR became a golden ticket to people. I don’t know until then how many people in a single country were willing to move to get a better life.

So I did what a sane person would do wait. I waited, even when I knew nothing will change for a really long time. To make my life even hell, nothing was going my way. The only option I was left to do was to apply as a student. I did apply for Jan 2021 and then again god had no mercy on me. Just one day after I booked my flight tickets to Canada in the April of 2021, again India and other connecting countries put a ban, and this went on this August. I finished one whole semester in India, with things going online. Even a $12,000 class was online. I felt like education was useless. But then finally I flew to Canada Via Mexico in September.

It was Labours day on Sept 5th that I reached Canada. And this country I died and cried to come for last year and a half was not giving and open to me. The day I came my Airbnb host canceled the booking last minute. In the city where I knew no one. I had to rush to a motel and spend two nights until I found a place to settle.

One lesson that I learned from all this was that, if you love something from the bottom of your heart, no matter what happens it will eventually come to you. There might be a million hurdles all the way, you will get it. Just like Emily didn't know a word of french she did go to Paris. The country of love to explore her work, I don’t know if she found a love she needed the most, but she did fall in love with the country. Just like how I have fallen in love with Canada.



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Ankita Kumar

Ankita Kumar


Former Fashion Designer, part-time Chef, and an amateur writer, who loves to explore every topic and trying to read as many books, before I die.