Can one kiss change your whole life?

Romance and comedy are just in movies and not real life.

Every time I saw a Rom-com movie all I did was cringe. It was not just the love part but all the cheesy lines that made me think, “why do they show us unrealistic things?”

Two weeks back I was watching a movie on Netflix, the movie was about a boy who fell in love with a girl, had to move to a different city for a career one fine day came to know his girlfriend cheated, become heartbroken, and met a new girl, fell in love with her because of her amazing personality and then went back to marrying his first girlfriend because he knew he didn’t have the balls to confess the second girl his love. The same movie plot has been used in at least 100 different movies in most languages.

The funny part is we will still watch the same plot over and over again with different faces and say, “Oh this is so cute, I wish I had this kind of love story”. But why do you want that kind of story? Don’t you have enough complications in life, that you need this kind of love life too? Why is hard to sell a simple story? is it because people love drama and gossip? or is the sex and making-out scene are the selling point of the movie?

It's just that how people have been told, how to tell the stories.

Why is hard to pick a real-life modern love and make a movie out of it?

No No,

I’m telling an elaborate story like “How I met your mother?”

Oh no, I gave myself an award when I completed that ridiculous series.

But something real, The real conversation, the real fight, and the real kiss.

Yes, there are a few books based don't he real life, but when they make a movie of it, all they want to show is the sex and the kissing part from the book.

Why is hard to make people understand that two people can bond over words and not just sex. It is not just girls who love to talk, men talk too.

Why do all of these movies portray that men don't need to show their vulnerable side? Who makes these rules of men are not supposed to cry, men are supposed to be the head of the house, men are supposed to pay the check all the time.

Why is it hard for them to portray the real things that happen in real life? It's not just women, even men know to ghost women easily, men are rude to women. And if a guy is fighting with a girl. It doesn't mean he loves her, maybe he actually doesn't like her.

This kind of portrayal has always led people in the wrong direction. It has made women be bolder and some men are just trying to be the characters we don't want to see even in movies.

Just like superman, batman, and spiderman movies are all fictional, these characters played by these men should also have no real face to them, which will keep us ladies less expectation on whom we want our boyfriends to look like.

Some of you may not agree with me or some may say she makes sense. The real truth is how far has these rom-com’s pushed us in real life. A few days back when I was traveling in the TTC to meet my friends for lunch, I saw this really cute guy he almost traveled to the point I had to go. And all I thought through that journey was, “Oh Damn.! I wish this was a movie and I could go talk to him”.

Two things could have happened if I had talked to him. One, he would have straight up rejected me and called me a mad person who randomly approached a guy, with our or without knowing he has a girlfriend. Two just like in movies he would have given me his number.

And I very well know the first one would have happened. Because this is a for real, not a plot of 101 rom-com movie that will translate badly in all languages.

However, can one kiss change a life? Yes, it can. Maybe not when you are drunk kissing a guy across the bar. But yes, even with the person you say in your mind “this is it, he is the one” things can start off rough or smooth. At the end of this, all I say is, lower your expectation and hope for things to move in a good direction, and don't try to search for happiness in a human. If you are happy everything around you will make you happy.



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Ankita Kumar

Ankita Kumar


Former Fashion Designer, part-time Chef, and an amateur writer, who loves to explore every topic and trying to read as many books, before I die.