Boyfriend likes Sheldon, a Husband like Chandler, and a father like Phil.

The three qualities that BBT, Friends, and Modern family characters have set.

If you are a Series lover like me. You would have watched Big bang theory, Friends, and Modern family three of the most famous and most-watched series.

One of the best characters in any sit-com show is usually the supporting character or the second lead in the modern lingo. These characters are not just fun but also bring more meaning to the group at times.

Let's start with the ever-green show ‘friends’. Chandler is the character that I loved the most. The reason is that there were incidences where his behavior was naturally connected to every clumsy ’90s kid. And what appealed to me was his loyalty to his love Monica.

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He was loyal to Monica when he had to hide their love from the group. He quit his job in Tulsa on a Christmas night, when he felt his wife might find it uncomfortable when he was working with one of his female workers all alone in the middle of the night. The conclusion point was when he knew Monica and he could not have babies for whatever reason. He still loved her for her.

Sheldon, the world’s weirdest character loved by every extroverted-introverted human like me. He met Amy when Raj and Howard created a dating profile for him just for fun. Even though Amy and Sheldon never wanted to get into a serious relationship. They ended up getting married. They say never date someone who works in a similar field as you. They both were highly educated scientists. The best part of this relationship is that they loved each other and pushed each other to be the best. Amy got Sheldon out of his shell and made him the perfect and mannered man he was in the last episode. He couldn't wait to marry her so they could work together and publish papers together and become a Nobel award winner.

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And for the Phill.

This is one scene from the modern family that defines how amazing of a father Phil is. Even though Haley had disappointed him by dropping from college. He never stopped being the father he was to her.

So you might say there are all fictional characters. Yes, they are fictional. But the point here is every fictional charter played is to tell people that they could be better humans. Every movie has a bad and a good guy in it. One main reason is to tell us that how much ever bad things happen, they can never pass on over the good. A good boyfriend, husband, and father are not something everyone is born with. But if you don't know to be one. Learn.! Learn from the fictional character that is shown to us.

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Be kind to people, show love to those who love us no matter what.



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Ankita Kumar


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